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Banks Power TorqueTube Exhaust Manifolds Natural 48005 Banks TorqueTube is a streamlined exhaust manifold designed to optimize exhaust flow and engine efficiency. Because the stock manifolds flange does not align squarely with the ports, flow is restricted. TorqueTube corrects the problem with a half inch flange that is machined dead flat, and precisely fitted to the port pattern. You can hear the difference in the plusher, healthier exhaust note. Unlike the stock, failure prone exhaust manifold, Banks TorqueTube is built of heavy, 409 stainless steel to weather a lifetime of heat, stress and abuse. The flange, welded to the tube assembly on both sides, will never crack or separate. The gasket is made of SMI 900, a material that stands up to super hot temperatures. Bolts right on! TORQUE TUBE SYSTEM, W AIHeader Type ShortyHeader Material Stainless 409Header Finish NaturalPrimary Tube Thickness 16 GaugePrimary Tube Length NAAir Injection Ports YesO2 Sensor Bung NoEGR Bung YesGaskets Included NAReducers Included NAHead Pipe Included NAState Legal 50 StateCalifornia Residents WARNING $678.77

ATP Exhaust Manifold. Banks TorqueTube Exhaust Manifold Shorty Natural 1 1 Primaries.

Banks TorqueTube Exhaust Header System by Banks. Buy Banks 1 Torque Tube System Exhaust Emissions FREE DELIVERY. Banks Power Single Monster Exhaust System 1 001 Jeep Cherokee. Take your Jeep to the next level with an Exhaust Manifold for your Jeep Wrangler JK. Header Finish Natural Grant Steering Wheels Ford Licensed Horn Button By Grant 5847. Cast OEM exhaust manifolds just are too restrictive.

Banks Power Banks Engineering 1 0 Banks TorqueTube Exhaust Manifolds. RESULTS 1 of. Banks Power Banks Engineering 1 0 Banks TorqueTube Exhaust Header System. Naturally increased power from the V 10 was the goal but a throaty exhaust note. Banks TorqueTube Manifold features Non deforming manifold outlet seal Self aligning exhaust seal will never compress or blow out Bolts easily to stock. Replacement Exhaust Kits Exhaust Manifolds Catalytic.

I already have the Banks Monster Exhaust installed and have been pleased with the upgrade.

Dorman 1 Exhaust Manifold For Select Jeep Models Hornblasters Outlaw Train Horn Chrome Ah C3. Headers is the right thing to do id like to increase horsepower and torque n.

Results 1 of 1 Grant Steering Wheels Evolution Steering Wheel Inserts Silver 5824. Banks TorqueTube exhaust manifolds are designed to help pull the exhaust out of your engine for greater torque gains. Products 1 0 of.

Banks TorqueTube Exhaust Header System.

Banks Torquetubes Exhaust Manifold 0 Jeep Wrangler Cherokee. Banks Power Torque Tube Exhaust Header Natural 1.

But for a naturally Banks Power Torquetube Exhaust Manifolds Natural aspirated engine. Replacing them with Banks. BBK 1 mm Throttle Body High Flow Power Plus Series for Jeep. The torque Tube exhaust manifolds tubular headers flow through a special. Dual sport exhaust next purchase was going to be the torque tube headers. Torque Tube exhaust manifolds tubular headers flow through a special. Browse by product Exhaust Manifolds and Headers.

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