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Banks Power Stinger System Performance System 51340 B Stinger is a complete power system with engineered intake, exhaust and fuel tuning upgrades for working and towing applications. It delivers rear wheel best gains up to 75 hp and 153 lb ft of moderate duty towing power that safely lives within the limits of the engine and powertrain. Optimum engine efficiency and durability, adjust on the fly power, lower exhaust gas temperatures and virtually no backpressure are also part of the Stinger package. And with the OttoMind 6s Fuel Economy mode, you get more driving between fill ups, too! Performance SystemIncl. Banks Ram AirIntakeMonster ExhaustSingleBlack Coated TipCalifornia Residents WARNING $641.99

Most Banks Power Stinger System Performance System products.

Shop Banks Power Stinger Plus Systems at the Lowest Prices and Fast Shipping! Forget the. We were advised that the performance data they had was based on the previous generation of Dodge Cummins engines Banks Power Air Filter 42188 D. Only Banks Power designs tools tests and manufactures complete vehicle power systems in house. Free shipping lowest price guaranteed on Banks Stinger Performance Systems. Stinger boosts performance efficiency and engine life while adding hefty power at a modest cost. Browse by product Power Efficiency Systems. Banks' Stinger Bundle is designed just for hard working heavy towing trucks. Other performance upgrades and ended up landing at Banks Power. 0L I engine and Jeep Wrangler exhaust the TorqueTube Exhaust Manifold Assembly and the Stinger Exhaust System Griffin Thermal Products Exact Fit Radiator Combo Cu 00011. Does a Banks Power system cause the exhaust to be Louder? The power freaks at Banks have done the work by bundling intake exhaust.

B Stinger Bundle Power System with Single Exit Exhaust Black Tip for use with 1 1 Ford 0 EC CC Extended and Crew. Banks scraps power choking factory parts for red hot performance components all in one budget friendly package. Available for applications call. If you will eventually buy an intake tuner exhaust and other stuff take a hard look at one of our systems.

It also stretches your driving time between fill ups! Can the power and performance of a diesel be improved by modifying its manifolds. Although the. BANKS POWER Stinger Plus Systems Get all the power and durability you need to haul heavy loads for long periods of time with our Stinger Plus Systems. Banks Stinger Plus System. The company is renowned for its turbo designs gas and diesel exhaust systems exhaust braking systems and the quality engineering that goes into each component.

Shop Banks Power Stinger Systems at the Lowest Prices and Fast Shipping! Git Kit Stinger Stinger Plus and PowerPack systems is an example. Whether in a Banks racer or on your truck everything is designed to work together.

Model year Git Kit Stinger Stinger Plus and PowerPack systems is an.

Work or play give your rig the power to do the job right. Model year Git Kit Stinger Stinger Plus and PowerPack systems is an example. Increase Performance for Dodge Ford Chevy GMC at.

Banks offers some great performance exhaust upgrades for the Jeep. RESULTS 1 0 of. L Jeeps from airflow restrictions improving engine efficiency durability and fuel economy while increasing power. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. Contents features performance results vary by application. They improve performance ability without excess distress on the engine. Check out the Banks Stinger System review as we install their intake. Choose from Stinger PowerPack Six Gun and Big Hoss Bundles. Check out the Banks Stinger System Stinger is an engineered power system for Jeep street and off road applications.

With its free breathing Banks Ram Air Intake and Monster Exhaust upgrades Stinger liberates.

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